Wow. Much thanks to Deanne for introducing me to this New Zealand based designer, Salasai. I haven't been this struck by a new designer in god knows how long. I mentioned in a previous post about living in the past. This collection reminded me that wonderful things are still being created. The comfortable, waist-tie skirts/dresses, the buttoned and denim shirts, the drop crotch. The simplicity and youthfulness have really struck a chord with me. It's all so perfect for spring/summer.

Now that the initial feelings of infatuation are fading (a good thing, btw), I can see a little more clearly. I think I gave them too much credit because it was a new label. I'm realizing that if this were the lookbook of a brand I already loved, I wouldn't have been nearly as impressed. However, this isn't to say it's not still lovely. Many of the pieces were moving because they were things I could relate to personally. Though I do think there's quite some room for improvement, it's that sense of honest comfort that I appreciate.

(Also, it got me to post. That in itself says something.)

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