There was no culture. There was nothing.

"Raf Simons didn't enter fashion via the typical route, but then Raf Simons is not a typical fashion designer. Perhaps more than any label today, his maintains a commitment to repressed youth -- not the youthful vigor fetishized by biceps-and-pectorals labels like Gucci or Versace, but real youth, in all its awkward menace. Simons' clothes contain the psychic spark of the ignored, the revolutionary potential that builds up during the isolation of adolescence. While other designers do little more than plunder a tired series of late 20th-century youth fads, Simons alone has stayed true to his roots. True enough so that each new collection can still register revolutions in contemporary youth culture -- as well as inspire new ones"

-Raf Simons interview by Craig Garrett 2004

This is a great read. Especially relevant since I'm an aspiring industrial designer. The overlap he talks about between industries is something I've been thinking about a lot. Because to be perfectly honest, sometimes I hate "fashion".

However, I love design. I love ideas. And that is what keeps me coming back for more.

Read the rest of the interview here.


Siki Im shot by Billy Kidd for Soma Magazine

The hair too.


J. Magazines

Source: Dazed Sept09

I adore Japanese Magazines. I have an unhealthy collection of men's scans saved on my harddrive. I'm not even a dude. They're that good. The perfect blend of shopping, tips, editorials, runway, and streetfashion. Somehow the Japanese found a way to throw everything into one convenient 100 page or so booklet of joy. 

At first it can be sort of overwhelming, with the hectic organization and massive amount of details etc. Kinda like walking into a Forever 21. Okay that's actually a terrible comparison. JMags give me happiness and something to look at for hours. Forever 21 just gives me a headache.



Source: Vogue Nippon, Misc

Does anyone remember those ridiculous chia pet commercials from way back when? I wanted one so bad. Now I just want my hair to grow like that so I can have a huge obnoxious braid.

Too bad 1.) my hair refuses to grow at any pace faster than glacial and 2.) I don't know how to braid my own hair.



There is an insatiable amount of want for this. Some kind of black, slinky/structured dress for summer, with flat boots. Also, a leather rider. I want so bad to make this happen but my bank account does not agree. Le sigh.