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I just needed an excuse to not do work.


Sweet Baby Jesus

i-D Magazine November 2007



LOL. The one on the left sucks.

There were originally like 3-4 of these in separate posts. Something is wrong with me tonight.

Not As Good As Bunny.

Some/Thing Magazine

But still okay, I guess.


Don't Bring Me Down.

Comme des Garcons SS 2010
Photographed by: Lina Scheynius

Kind of sums up everything I've been feeling. In every way.



Yohji Yamamoto FW '85
Marina Yee '99



I just purged my blog of, well, me. After linking to someone (hahaha) I suddenly felt really uncomfortable. And I realized this is because I'm really not the type of person to do outfit posts. It's just not me. This is more of a place for me to sort out my thoughts and post things that I like. I don't even like being in pictures. I might regret this later, but for now I feel cleaner. I need to do this to my closet.


Relevant to My Interests

Martin Margiela Store Design - Tokyo

...in every way. I would love to do this. The perfect intersection.

PS. Tabi's need to stop haunting me. I gave up on the possibility of getting them so long ago. But still. *Dreamy sigh*



Salasai Polka Dot Dress

...this dress did NOT hurt. Holy shit. It's me.


Wow. Much thanks to Deanne for introducing me to this New Zealand based designer, Salasai. I haven't been this struck by a new designer in god knows how long. I mentioned in a previous post about living in the past. This collection reminded me that wonderful things are still being created. The comfortable, waist-tie skirts/dresses, the buttoned and denim shirts, the drop crotch. The simplicity and youthfulness have really struck a chord with me. It's all so perfect for spring/summer.

Now that the initial feelings of infatuation are fading (a good thing, btw), I can see a little more clearly. I think I gave them too much credit because it was a new label. I'm realizing that if this were the lookbook of a brand I already loved, I wouldn't have been nearly as impressed. However, this isn't to say it's not still lovely. Many of the pieces were moving because they were things I could relate to personally. Though I do think there's quite some room for improvement, it's that sense of honest comfort that I appreciate.

(Also, it got me to post. That in itself says something.)


In Between

Damir Doma FW11

I go between casual boy and nightcrawler girl all the time. From the styling to the accessories to the hair, this is the perfect balance. I'm in love. Let me look like this.


Avant Guardians

Photography: Klaas Jan Kliphuis

Haven't been stirred by a (recent) editorial in awhile. I've been dwelling in the past if you will. Old Yohji/Raf/HL will always haunt me. Regardless, the styling in this is pretty nice. All the buckles and draping and chaos are just an old habit that I've never really been able to quit. Maybe I never will. My style has been changing, but there are still some key elements I remain fond of.

I hope I can even look half this cool when I hit cold weather. Layered/belted jackets galore!

PS. I hate taking pictures/talking about myself. Why do I have a blog again?


What I'm Actually Thinking About.


Why yes that alliteration was completely intentional. With my current lack of photographer and surplus of indifference, this is all that's been on my mind. And now, it's on this blog. Sad, but true.

Yohji F/W '99

Yohji Yamamoto FW '99



Source: Mariacarla for i-D Magazine, Nov 2007

I have a lurking feeling that this is going to turn into an image blog. I just find myself with less and less to say these days.


More of the Same.

Margiela S/S '97
Helmut Lang S/S '03


Interview with Deanne :)

So today I finally managed to get an interview with the lovely Deanne Nguyen, who is teaching a style class at Rice University! She's really inspiring and a lovely person to be with, so take a listen!


Things That Make My Heart Palpitate.

Rick Owens, Misc, Givenchy SS07 Couture

I haven't posted any womenswear in so long. This is a reminder to myself that I am still a girl. These looks I picked out are all different, but in the end, really kind of the same. Draped, structured, pulled in. So good I'm going to have a hernia.

Ato FW 2011

Wow western never looked so good. Although this is really more urban gangster than cowboy, the hats and boots are unexpectedly nice.


Do I Even Need to Explain

Photographed by: Marton Perlaki

A beautifully shot campaign of beautiful clothes worn by beautiful people with even more beautiful shoes. Seriously those shoes made me crumble to pieces inside.

On the other hand, my outfit posts have been pretty sparse lately. Of course, this is partly a result of it being the last few weeks of class, but also, I've just been so uninspired lately. Uninspired and honestly pretty discouraged. There's so much I want to do but everyday I just grow tired of my wardrobe. This is turning into a menswear blog with girlish outfit posts. I think I need a change of scenery. Fast.



Source: Sense Magazine

Summer is here, and my 4 dollar CVS sunglasses broke. Trying to find shades for my frustratingly round face is proving difficult.



There was no culture. There was nothing.

"Raf Simons didn't enter fashion via the typical route, but then Raf Simons is not a typical fashion designer. Perhaps more than any label today, his maintains a commitment to repressed youth -- not the youthful vigor fetishized by biceps-and-pectorals labels like Gucci or Versace, but real youth, in all its awkward menace. Simons' clothes contain the psychic spark of the ignored, the revolutionary potential that builds up during the isolation of adolescence. While other designers do little more than plunder a tired series of late 20th-century youth fads, Simons alone has stayed true to his roots. True enough so that each new collection can still register revolutions in contemporary youth culture -- as well as inspire new ones"

-Raf Simons interview by Craig Garrett 2004

This is a great read. Especially relevant since I'm an aspiring industrial designer. The overlap he talks about between industries is something I've been thinking about a lot. Because to be perfectly honest, sometimes I hate "fashion".

However, I love design. I love ideas. And that is what keeps me coming back for more.

Read the rest of the interview here.


Siki Im shot by Billy Kidd for Soma Magazine

The hair too.


J. Magazines

Source: Dazed Sept09

I adore Japanese Magazines. I have an unhealthy collection of men's scans saved on my harddrive. I'm not even a dude. They're that good. The perfect blend of shopping, tips, editorials, runway, and streetfashion. Somehow the Japanese found a way to throw everything into one convenient 100 page or so booklet of joy. 

At first it can be sort of overwhelming, with the hectic organization and massive amount of details etc. Kinda like walking into a Forever 21. Okay that's actually a terrible comparison. JMags give me happiness and something to look at for hours. Forever 21 just gives me a headache.