Collage #1

Making this was a reminder of both what I want to look like forever, as well as what I can never afford. Sigh.

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Limi Feu S/S 2010

Recently, I've been really feeling menswear so I thought of this collection by Limi, the adorable daughter of Yohji Yamamoto, from Spring of last year. She's really embracing the aspect of androgyny in this collection, a concept definitely reminiscent of her father. The collection focuses on emphasizing and reinventing menswear for women, with oversized lapels and collars. Everything is very simple and quite clean, with some Japanese influences shown in the voluminous bottoms. Near the end of the show, she took a bit of a turn and started showing a couple billowing dresses, which threw me off a bit but overall, I'd say this collection was quite successful.

I think the aspect of menswear that makes it so attractive is how detail oriented it tends to be. Even needs to be. Since theres a bit more limitation in terms of men's clothing, many traditional ideas have to be reinvented, and the details are often there in a much more subtle and thoughtful way. Women's wear is often not as understated and, in a way, that makes it less powerful. Sometimes I wish I were a boy. Or had a compliant brother who let me dress him every morning.

Source: Style.com


Sun Fei Fei for i-D Magazine. She is quite possibly one of my favorite asian models, coming up behind the ever so lovely, late Daul (Sigh). Combine this beautiful girl with Comme Des Garcons, and you've won me over fersure. Definitely fell in love with the billowy layers and the platform shoes. The styling in this shoot is absolute genius. Everything is ugly in the most fantastic way possible.

Which brings me to another point. I love it when people aren't afraid to look a little ugly. To wear something unattractive or unflattering just because you like it is a beautiful thing. Then again, sometimes the person in question is so gorgeous he or she could probably walk around in a potato sack and a pair of crocs and nobody would give a damn. Eh, maybe minus the crocs. I am jealous of those people.

Source: i-D Magazine