LOL. The one on the left sucks.

There were originally like 3-4 of these in separate posts. Something is wrong with me tonight.

Not As Good As Bunny.

Some/Thing Magazine

But still okay, I guess.


Don't Bring Me Down.

Comme des Garcons SS 2010
Photographed by: Lina Scheynius

Kind of sums up everything I've been feeling. In every way.



Yohji Yamamoto FW '85
Marina Yee '99



I just purged my blog of, well, me. After linking to someone (hahaha) I suddenly felt really uncomfortable. And I realized this is because I'm really not the type of person to do outfit posts. It's just not me. This is more of a place for me to sort out my thoughts and post things that I like. I don't even like being in pictures. I might regret this later, but for now I feel cleaner. I need to do this to my closet.


Relevant to My Interests

Martin Margiela Store Design - Tokyo

...in every way. I would love to do this. The perfect intersection.

PS. Tabi's need to stop haunting me. I gave up on the possibility of getting them so long ago. But still. *Dreamy sigh*