Interview with Deanne :)

So today I finally managed to get an interview with the lovely Deanne Nguyen, who is teaching a style class at Rice University! She's really inspiring and a lovely person to be with, so take a listen!


Things That Make My Heart Palpitate.

Rick Owens, Misc, Givenchy SS07 Couture

I haven't posted any womenswear in so long. This is a reminder to myself that I am still a girl. These looks I picked out are all different, but in the end, really kind of the same. Draped, structured, pulled in. So good I'm going to have a hernia.

Ato FW 2011

Wow western never looked so good. Although this is really more urban gangster than cowboy, the hats and boots are unexpectedly nice.


Do I Even Need to Explain

Photographed by: Marton Perlaki

A beautifully shot campaign of beautiful clothes worn by beautiful people with even more beautiful shoes. Seriously those shoes made me crumble to pieces inside.

On the other hand, my outfit posts have been pretty sparse lately. Of course, this is partly a result of it being the last few weeks of class, but also, I've just been so uninspired lately. Uninspired and honestly pretty discouraged. There's so much I want to do but everyday I just grow tired of my wardrobe. This is turning into a menswear blog with girlish outfit posts. I think I need a change of scenery. Fast.



Source: Sense Magazine

Summer is here, and my 4 dollar CVS sunglasses broke. Trying to find shades for my frustratingly round face is proving difficult.