Salasai Polka Dot Dress

...this dress did NOT hurt. Holy shit. It's me.


Wow. Much thanks to Deanne for introducing me to this New Zealand based designer, Salasai. I haven't been this struck by a new designer in god knows how long. I mentioned in a previous post about living in the past. This collection reminded me that wonderful things are still being created. The comfortable, waist-tie skirts/dresses, the buttoned and denim shirts, the drop crotch. The simplicity and youthfulness have really struck a chord with me. It's all so perfect for spring/summer.

Now that the initial feelings of infatuation are fading (a good thing, btw), I can see a little more clearly. I think I gave them too much credit because it was a new label. I'm realizing that if this were the lookbook of a brand I already loved, I wouldn't have been nearly as impressed. However, this isn't to say it's not still lovely. Many of the pieces were moving because they were things I could relate to personally. Though I do think there's quite some room for improvement, it's that sense of honest comfort that I appreciate.

(Also, it got me to post. That in itself says something.)


In Between

Damir Doma FW11

I go between casual boy and nightcrawler girl all the time. From the styling to the accessories to the hair, this is the perfect balance. I'm in love. Let me look like this.


Avant Guardians

Photography: Klaas Jan Kliphuis

Haven't been stirred by a (recent) editorial in awhile. I've been dwelling in the past if you will. Old Yohji/Raf/HL will always haunt me. Regardless, the styling in this is pretty nice. All the buckles and draping and chaos are just an old habit that I've never really been able to quit. Maybe I never will. My style has been changing, but there are still some key elements I remain fond of.

I hope I can even look half this cool when I hit cold weather. Layered/belted jackets galore!

PS. I hate taking pictures/talking about myself. Why do I have a blog again?